LinhArt on Regional Scale

In response to long-term demand, we launched a new funding programme in May 2017, aimed at extending support to professional artists active in this country´s regions outside Prague.

For the year 2017 we have picked, from a considerable number of applications submitted by individual artists and creative groups from all parts of the Czech Republic, an international project presented by the Czech independent drama group, Masakr Elsinor, mounted in collaboration with a Spanish team of actors and artists, in the form of a stage production entitled El Libro de los Venenos/The Book of Poisons. The production combines the forms of stage presentation of poetry (using texts, symbols, images and gestures) with live onstage painting and musical improvisation, all of that centered around the subject of the susceptibility of the human body, mind and judgment to various kinds of poisoning. The Foundation has extended a grant to the amount of 15,000 Czech crowns towards this project.

Detailed information about the 2018 edition of this programme, including all deadlines and application forms, will be made public in the course of autumn 2017.