The Foundation´s mission has been – ever since its foundation in 1987 – to initiate and support projects contributing in the development of worldviews, social attitudes, and artistic expression of today´s young generations. The Foundation´s projects are instrumental in generating an atmosphere favourable for creative work and contacts between artists and young people at large, and making art readily accessible to Prague´s general public. The Foundation has been channelling its support towards providing both a launching pad and a long-term background for pursuits in alternative arts, an orientation which has made possible in the course of its existence so far the realization of an impressive list of artistic and cultural projects. Apart from extending support to artists, the Linhart Foundation has likewise been active in assisting up-and-coming cultural activists, as well as in encouraging the development of art management and its related fields.

The Foundation´s current focus is most notably on projects in the field of the visual arts, and on intensive work with its own art collection, enlarging and sophisticating it through a systematic curatorial and gallery management policy aimed at the heightening of its scope and artistic impact. The cornerstone of the Linhart Foundation´s pursuits has been the cultivation of intergenerational creative links and mutually inspiring contacts between already established major figures of the art scene and members of the up-and-coming young generation of artists.